oh the places you will go!



LRC Lifestyle partner Rachel Luis has always had a passion for traveling. Before having their girls, Rachel and her husband Frank, along with her stepson Alex, would frequently find places to visit. Whether a quick weekend retreat locally or a trip out of state, their adventures would always lead to quality family time and unforgettable memories. So, when Rachel found out she was pregnant, she immediately knew she wanted the theme of her baby shower to be travel related.

With a few ideas in mind, she tasked LRC Lifestyle to design and coordinate the ultimate “destination” baby shower, a theme that we graciously flew away with. Peach, gold, white, and mint were the colors of choice. Mixed with vintage accents, it was an unforgettable day that marked our passport with love and laughter as we celebrated their upcoming new arrival.


Venue: Private Venue
Design + event coordinatio
n: Local Revival
Photography: Royalty Photography