who we are - Local Revival Design Studio
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Hello! We’re Local Revival

Passionate businesswomen, creative thinkers, philanthropists, & local business supporters dedicated to helping our clients create and preserve unforgettable memories.

Hosting an event, large or small, is a way to fill the soul. It brings people together, enlightens your senses, and sparks joyous memories for us to hold onto. Without them, life isn’t as colorful or exciting. And we believe each hostess should be the mostess, or the best version of her or himself when it’s time to interact with their guests.

We’ve been principles in large, successful companies. We’ve had numerous employees, glamorous clients, and so much work on our plates we couldn’t see straight. But as the saying goes, “bigger isn’t always better.”

During those times, we experienced organizational issues, delayed response times, and our clients feeling that they weren’t our number one priority. And because we were pulled in so many directions, precious family time was suffering, as was our health.

Something needed to change…

So we had hard conversations, took some time off, and did a lot of soul-searching. There were numerous chats over delicious meals (and maybe a little wine) about what kind of work would truly fulfill us.

And one day, it clicked when we received a phone call. One of Rachel’s high school friends knew someone getting married and was in desperate need of assistance. They ran a business that was extremely busy through the first quarter of the year and had no available time to plan a wedding. Furthermore, they had no idea where to get started.

Who would provide the food? Where do you look for a band? What’s the most reputable company for renting furniture? 

Having two small children, Rachel was hesitant to take on the job. But we decided to meet with them anyway, feel out the situation, and go from there. No pressure either way.

It turns out that the family needing assistance was one of the friendliest group of people we have ever had the pleasure of working with. The wedding was a wild success, and we decided it was time to work together as a team. However, we needed to structure a company that made sense for us personally while serving our client’s needs flawlessly.

Today, combined with our newest team member, Amanda, we are proud to say we have created a business that is organizationally sound, bursting with creativity, and really freaking fun!

We believe we are different because we take the time to interview our clients, just as they do us. We carefully select who we want to work with, so we can provide the attention and level of detail that we have a reputation for delivering.

We pride ourselves on being small. We only take on a few events a year and throw our full heart and soul into each one we commit to (large or small). It allows us to provide an exemplary service level that takes the stress off of planning for everyone involved, including ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to visit! Find out more about us by browsing our projects, and reading our accolades.

When you’re done, we’d love to meet you, so please make sure to connect with us on social media, and drop us a note to say hi!

Summer Taylor
Founder + Creative Director
Amanda Riestra
Event Lead
Rachel J. Luis
Special Events Consultant