who we are - Florida & North Carolina Wedding Planner
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Hosting an event, large or small, is a way to fill the soul. It brings people together, enlightens your senses, and sparks joyous memories for us to hold onto. Without them, life isn’t as colorful or exciting.

We believe we are different because we take the time to interview our clients, just as they do us. We book a limited number of weddings and events each year to ensure our clients receive the personalized attention and creative focus that they are seeking, and we have a reputation of delivering.

From large weddings to micro weddings, we throw our full heart and soul into each event we plan, so that our client’s wedding day is flawless, exquisite, and unforgettable. And while our roots are in Florida, and North Carolina, our knowledge and experience for wedding design and coordination can cross into any state line.

What sets us apart

We bring comfort to luxury. We are highly experienced with 15+ years of entrepreneurship, planning, and design. We are overtly detail-oriented but aren’t bossy, boring, or stuffy. We’re curious and ask questions that allow us to know our clients more intimately, resulting in a personalized planning process to fit their needs and to execute their vision, not ours. We’re a calming presence in a chaotic world and are known to help our clients feel at ease from the moment we start the planning process, until the very end. And, we aim to tap into our love of digital and fine art, crafting, and hands-on construction for each project to design one-of-a-kind weddings and events that honor our client’s unique story.

You deserve to have the time of your life during your wedding, or event, and that’s exactly what we want to do. Take away the stress, take on the responsibility, and be your biggest advocate during the planning process to bring your distinctive vision to life.

Headshot of Summer Taylor, Lead Wedding Planner for Local Revival Weddings in Florida and North Carolina
Summer Taylor
Founder + Creative Director + Lead Planner: Weddings

Summer, a native North Carolinian, moved to Tampa in 2000 searching for clear water and sunshine. Armed with a BS Degree in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Summer enthusiastically lept into entrepreneurship in 2006. It was a natural fit, but sitting behind a desk all day was not. So after running a successful marketing agency for over a decade, she transitioned to the wedding industry.

Planning and designing weddings came naturally as her professional experience included staying on top of design trends, thinking outside of the box, and taking charge on projects to ensure they’re efficient and organized.

She’s thrilled to plan and design weddings that are tailored to each couple’s unique story, personality, preferences, and vision for their dream day.