We want to do our part to help make this world a better, safer, place to live.

At Local Revival, we are thankful for everyone in our lives and all the opportunities presented to us. We realize that not everyone has the same privileges as we do, so we do what we can to help our communities, and our world, be a better place.

Our current non-profit partners

We don’t just work with non-profits, we make philanthropy a part of our lifestyle. Currently, we are proud to donate our time, money and resources to the following non-profit organizations.


Empower Her Network

Empower Her Network collaborates with ready survivors of human trafficking who find themselves in the same vulnerable circumstances that led to their initial exploitation by removing housing barriers, financial education, and uncovering employment opportunities. They help clear a path to the future that these survivors design. Summer Taylor has been a proud board member since 2019. Local Revival is delighted to support them with graphic and web design assistance and social media marketing and promotion. We work with this organization because we believe in the power of women. Through support, guidance, unique knowledge, and talents, we can all help human trafficking survivors become the best version of themselves to achieve fiscal independence. To learn more about Empower Her Network, or to get involved, please visit:


High Hopes in High Heels

The mission of High Hopes in High Heels is to empower Tampa Bay’s women to improve their lives personally, professionally, and philanthropically through supporting our community. Rachel Luis co-founded this organization over a decade ago and continues to serve on the Board of Directors. Local Revival is delighted to design their marketing/promotional materials for community events and fundraisers, along with the design and maintenance of their website. We work with this organization because they open our eyes to the needs of Tampa Bay. Each year, they pick two different non-profits to help spread awareness, assist with donation drives, and support community projects throughout the year. It’s a way to learn and offer assistance to so many in our community. To learn more about High Hopes in High Heels, or to get involved, please visit:


The Affirmations Project 

The Affirmations Project aims to empower cancer survivors, young girls, and women, to accept and love themselves – to reaffirm their true value. They seek to inspire women to view themselves with love, regardless of the scars that mark their bodies. They encourage them to find strength in their weakest moments and seek resilience because they believe every woman can overcome unimaginable obstacles. We love this organization, not only because it’s an amazing support system for Tampa Bay’s women. But also because it is founded by one of our dearest friends, who experienced first-hand how draining a cancer diagnosis can be, and the importance of surrounding yourself with strong, supportive women and thoughts. She is a picture of strength, and courage, and a foundation of hope for so many. We are honored to support her and the incredible things she is doing in our community. To learn more about the Affirmations Project, or to get involved, please visit: