a 40th birthday smash



Turning 40 can be a walk in the park or a big deal depending on the person. For Summer, she approached it kicking and screaming. To have a little fun and make the transition easier, she asked Krista Sparkman Photography to shoot a 40th birthday cake smash party – for 1!

Summer collaborated with Local Revival to set up a simple, yet fun, photography backdrop in Summer’s backyard. The girly setup featured balloons, a cake, champagne, and fresh flowers. Not only was the scene set for a party, but she dressed the part as well, wearing pearls, a tutu, and a crown. The shoot received a ton of positive feedback on social media. While the silliness of the day eased her worries about the new decade.

What is life if you can’t make fun of yourself? Turns out, she said 40 isn’t so bad! Now, what will she do to top this shoot once 50 rolls around?? Fortunately, we have plenty of time to figure it out 🙂


Backdrop Design + Coordination: Local Revival
Photography: Krista Sparkman Photography