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wedding planning + design Services throughout north carolina

Exquisite, Flawless & Fabulously Fun

Did you know, the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions each day? That’s a lot of thinking!

Add to that, you’re newly engaged. So on top of the 35,000 decisions you already made, MORE have just been added to your plate concerning your wedding day. Have you seen a wedding planning checklist? It’s impressive!

Furthermore, where do you even start? What decision is most important? Which vendors book quickly? What is the average cost of a wedding where you live and what’s the best way to allocate your budget when it comes to the details you value the most? Or maybe you know you want something highly customized and are feeling overwhelmed organizing and prioritizing the details.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! We plan, design, and execute one-of-a-kind weddings for couples looking to get married in North Carolina, and who don’t want to add more decisions to their daily agenda. Whether you’re career-focused, have personal obligations, live out of state, or are overwhelmed by the entire planning process, we handle all the details to bring your dream wedding to life whether it’s in the mountains, Piedmont, or coast of North Carolina.


the local revival experience

Working with us ensures your wedding is organized, visually stunning, and surrounded by guests who feel taken care of; leaving you no choice but to soak in every moment and celebrate with those you love!

We have three distinct packages that help our clients in various stages of the wedding planning process. Pick a package on the right to find out more!

This package is for couples who want assistance contacting all vendors, negotiating contracts based on their overall budget, scheduling meetings, attending vendor meetings, and much more! 

This doesn’t mean the bride and groom are completely out of the decision-making process, but it frees up time they would spend emailing, calling, and going back and forth to design the experience they desire. 

By allowing us to recommend vendors, set up meetings, and negotiate packages, we can leverage our experience and existing relationships to direct our couples to the right trusted vendor, for the price they want to pay the first time around. Saving them both time and money! (Because ultimately time IS money right?)

Package Starting at $9,500

This package is for couples who want a planner to lead them through the process while they are hands-on with some of the work. 

Local Revival will lead the event design and catering aspects of planning, and provide vendor recommendations for all other categories from beauty, photography, videography, limo service, and more. 

Why do we suggest taking the lead on design and catering while our couples oversee the remaining items? For many reasons – too many to list here! If you think this package might be for you, download our Partial Planning Package brochure now.

Package Starting at $6,500

This package is for the couple who wants to plan their wedding on their own but be hands-off on the wedding day. 

This package gives us ample time to transition your wedding, attend your final venue walkthrough and rehearsal, and coordinate the wedding day. A one-time list of recommended, trusted, vendors will be sent at the time of booking to help as you plan. 

Our 60-day coordination package is similar to what most people are looking for when they request “day-of” coordination, however, we don’t offer strictly “day-of” coordination. Why? The details on this, and what exactly is and isn’t included in our 60-Day Coordination package can be found within our 60-Day Coordination Package brochure.

Package Starting at $3,000


We plan and design weddings throughout the state of North Carolina, including the highlighted cities below. If you don’t see your desired city or area of North Carolina included, please reach out to schedule a call or Zoom so we can hear more about where you’d like to have your dream wedding.


Boone  /  Asheville  /  Blowing Rock  /  Hickory


Charlotte  /  Thomasville  /  Raleigh  /  Durham  /  Pinehurst  /  Southern Pines


Wilmington  /  Jacksonville  /  Leland  /  Beaufort  /  Southport  /  Morehead City

Contact us for more information on our packages or to schedule a consultation with a lead planner.