If you’re enough lucky to be Irish…



Amanda was looking to find out more about her Irish descent. The culture, the history, the food, the scenery. Where were her ancestors from, and what were they like? So she contacted Rachel, our travel and destination management expert, to help her plan an unforgettable trip for both her and her mom.

They had one week to soak in all that they could, so they wanted to maximize their time as much as possible. Amanda and her mom made a list of things they didn’t want to miss, including Irish traditions, music, food, and landmarks. But they didn’t want to be so busy that they couldn’t spend some time mingling with the locals!

Rachel quickly went to work, finding them the best flight, hotel accommodations, and guided tours. Leveraging the relationships that she has with Cruise Planners gives her access to local businesses that offer numerous itineraries and options. This allowed Amanda and her mom to precisely pick what they wanted to see and when.

Unfortunately, they experienced travel delays due to the weather. However, Rachel was just a phone call away. She was able to help them work through any kinks, eliminating the stress of calling helplines to get their travel plans back on track or their lost bags located. That’s customer service!

Rachel was an absolute dream to work with when planning a mother-daughter getaway to Ireland this summer. She communicated well and took care of every last detail; was conscious of our budget and needs; and she was an incredible help when our flight itineraries changed (weather!) and my bag was lost (airline!). I will absolutely entrust Rachel with my travel plans in the future, and I look forward to working with her again!

– Amanda